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Yes! DELL is rocking in Dubai UAE.  Now DELL is as serious as their competitors are. After meeting some senior people in DELL I got to know about their plan and how DELL is going to help their customers as they are doing in USA. I’m a very much HP guy and always had a question why there is no DELL? Why DELL is coming to Dubai since there is a demand but they are not serious and only two authorized partners  re-selling the DELL which is quite in –sufficient  and were not capable enough the server the small medium business area.

DELL now is moving very seriously to the SMB market with their new partners plus they have launched a new series of desktops i.e. VOSTRO specifically targeted for the SMB. Now DELL offers toll free support in working hours Sunday through Thursday UAE local time. DELL has hundreds of TECH Support people at their call center. DELL also offers 24×7 supports to their premium partners and also assures the availability of any replacement of part within A BUSINESS DAY.

I didn’t know all this one week back but when I met the people at DELL I was quite surprised because they are offering much better services as compared to their competitors. DELL has a number of warehouses in the region which assures that yes then can make the part available very next day.  So let’s DELL since they are as good as they are in USA.

If you want to know how to get your DELL parts replaced in a working day or how to get FREE SUPPORT from DELL, then contact me offline.

Tech.Ed SEA 2007 – KL Malaysia

Tech.Ed SEA 2007

Don’t Miss IT        !


IT Pro meets IT Pro, an outstanding event i.e. Tech.Ed SEA 2007. Turn “doing your job” into “making your mark”Tech•Ed SEA 2007, Microsoft’s premier & largest annual conference in the South East Asia region, focuses on newly released products such as of Microsoft Office along with content about upcoming releases such as Windows Server code name “Longhorn“.–     

More than 100 breakout sessions
Hands-on experiences
Networking with your peers

Choose from 6 core technical tracks to navigate more than 120 Breakout Sessions,
120 Hands-on Labs & Instructor-Led Labs at 100+ stations, partner exhibitions, and much more. 
Examine current and upcoming solutions based on Microsoft technology. 
Gain hands-on experience with the latest products from Microsoft and its partners. 
Get face time with top Microsoft staff, partners Microsoft industry experts. 
Connect with your peers at any number of Tech•Ed SEA 2007 social events, including the infamous Tech•Ed Fest.

Explore the technology into different tracks i.e.

Windows Infrastructure Track 
Office, Messaging, and Collaboration Track
Systems Management Track
Enterprise Data Management Track
Architecture & Team Development Track
Developer Technology Track 
Web Development & User Experience Track

Special Activities   —  Live FestWhat is LIVE Fest?
LIVE Fest is the playground and party for delegates to let their hair down, and mingle in a fun and casual atmosphere after a long day of conference. LIVE fest will kick start Tech•Ed SEA 2007 with a galore of interesting activities with lots of attractive prizes to be given away. So gear in your fun side you have not LIVE till you experience the LIVE Fest.

When is LIVE Fest?
We know you can’t wait! LIVE fest is scheduled to rock your Tech•Ed SEA 2007 on the first night, September 10, 2007, Monday from 7.30pm – 10.00pm


SBS2003 R2 – A Technical overview

15th August – Microsoft DIC Dubai- organized by Techies

Well this is very first time I talked about SBS2003 R2 in any technical session since I started running the user group. It was a good experience to share SBS2003 R2 with the attendees and I found them very interactive during the session because there was very healthy discussion among all for 10-15 minutes. This was not a planned event by Techies user group but we decided to include this session few days back so we did the poll via email which was quite positive (more than 90% in favor).  This event was also sponsored by Microsoft Gulf (Dubai).   The time was not enough so I couldn’t cover all the topics and we neither decided to cover everything as it was an introduction to SBS2003 R2.

The idea was to bring the awareness of SBS2003 R2 to those people who have a small network with no server or peer-to-peer network. The idea was to tell them and show them how SBS2003 R2 can help a small business to get the benefits of enterprise level services such as security, mobility, intranet, shared fax, patch management, remote web workplace, messaging etc.

In short the session was good and in the future we will plan to have an in-depth session on SBS2003 R2.

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SBS 2003 R2 benefits

Do More With Less!

Does it sound familiar.. ?  

Yes with SBS 2003 R2 you can achieve Do More With Less.  If you have network of less than 75 users/devices without a server then you must go for SBS2003 R2. In a peer to network none of devices are managed properly and IT admin run from one place to another to support the end-users on the network. This type of network has many printers and each time face different printing issues.  This type of network makes the IT admin to do the same job many time i.e. repetition.

This type of network there is not centralized management for User Accounts, for the Data and thus no Backup. SBS 2003 R2 gives you more than that and makes the IT admin job a lot easier.

What does a SBS 2003 R2 gives you

Secure Internet connectivity
Business intranets
Remote connectivity
Support for Windows Mobile®-based devices
File and printer sharing
Back up and restore capabilities
Patch Management (Windows Software Update Services)

Checkout for more http://www.microsoft.com/sbs

SBS 2003 R2 limitations

Maximum supports up to 75 users/devices

Should be installed as a DC

Can’t be more than one DC in the same network

Since single DC on a single hardware, can’t have secondary domain

Since SBS 2003 R2 is designed for small networks 5-75 users/device. SBS is best suited for small business where the network is peer to peer.

You can’t do load balancing or cluster using a SBS 2003 R2 since these features do not come under a small business network. A small business network is mostly a few numbers of PCs (5-75) without a server.

Since the SBS 2003 R2 is for small business network where the business data is not used for online transaction or if there is a downtime it wouldn’t affect the business. So SBS 2003 R2 there is no need to have the features such as such as clustering and load balancing and you can’t have another DC in the same SBS 2003 R2 DC.