SBS RWW versus Terminal Services

SBS Remote Web Workplace are entirely different from Terminal Services. A SBS 2003 R3 can’t be a Terminal Server, thus you need to use RWW if you want to access your server / desktop remotely. Unlike Terminal Services you can more than 2 remote sessions using RWW and again Terminal Service and RWW are two different things an SBS can’t be a Terminal Server, so no confusion.

So if you want to run LOB (line of business) applications on a terminal server then you can add one windows server in a SBS domain as a Terminal server and let the user use the application on that server.

So you got the answer clearly  — cheer up now 🙂

SBS Licensing

SBS comes by default 5 CALs which can be use either devices CALs or User CALs. There is no need to buy the CALs for the included product such as exchange and SQL because these CALs are bundled for the products included in the SBS 2003 R2 (standard or premium). If a network outgrows to more than 75 users/devices then it can be upgraded using a Transition Pack without loosing your previous invent on SBS2003 R2.

In a case of a bundled hardware from HP/Dell you can have SBS2003 R2 OEM version. A OEM version can’t be transferred to another hardware so it must die with the existing hardware as per Microsoft licensing policy.

On the other way around you can go for an open license for SBS2003 R2 then you will have the option to transfer it from one to another.

Same licensing applies for most of the products.

Always buy the software from registered partners and consultants to make the right investment of software.

Something about backup.

Since SBS2003 R2 is a single server installation then there is always a risk of hardware failure which can be very painful. So there is a need to avoid such failure and loss of data, thus we need a backup plan and a schedule to achieve minimum loss of data. Normally for a small business network it can be done either on separate HDD on the same server or taking the backup on tape drives/DLTs. If you plan for DLTs then you better not to forget another HDD (cost very y less) which will give you faster Restore.

Do make sure your backup works fine by restoring because we the BACKUP to be RESTORED when it is needed. SBS2003 R2 comes with a backup utility where you can mention the source of backup media and the schedule as you’d like to prefer. You can also do the backup of open file if Volume Shadows Copy is enabled.

So again SBS2003 R2 is the best suitable product for any business ranging from 5-75 users/devices on a network. SBS Rocks J   .

How SBS can help a business?

SBS 2003 R2 is specifically designed for a small business ranging from 5-75 computer networks.  It gives you the blend of messaging, mobility, security and RWW which gives you more productivity with less i.e. less cost. It doesn’t cost you too much for licenses. It doesn’t cost highly skills IT Pro.

SBS 2003 R2 Premium includes Windows Server core operating system plus Exchange 2003, MS Outlook, SharePoint services, MS ISA 2004 and MS SQL server. All these technical terms or I better call services give you the complete bunch of suite to meet today’s business requirements.  So if you own/work in an office where you have 50 computers network then SBS2003 R2 is the best choice to make the use of today’s technology and get your business running 24×7.

Let’s talk about SBS

What is SBS?

SBS is a Small Business Server, designed specifically for those organizations where they have up to 75 user/devices. It gives you all the features run by an enterprise organization like email, company website (intranet), remote workspace, security /firewall etc.

SBS R2 – if you deploy SBS R2 in your organization doesn’t mean that your organization is a small organization but as I said earlier it is for the organization which has up to 75 user/devices. So if you have network of 50 Users/Devices then you can go for the Small Business Server R2.

There are 2 different versions of SBSR2

What is R2 in SBSR2?
SBSR2 where R2 has updated features in the Small Business Sever. The new features are of great productivity without any extra cost.

By default both SBSR2 versions come by default 5 CALs.